Scandal! The official Poroshenko “stuck together” with a subordinate right in the office, “h**n captured.” Were taken under the cloth

Скандал! Чиновник Порошенко "склеился" с подчиненной прямо в кабинете, "ч**н в плен". Вывозили под скатертью

The official Poroshenko, who “stuck together” with a subordinate in his office, and which tore and laughed the entire world became a “star” of a sex scandal, reports

As writes the local edition, the official in the Vinnytsia region distinguished loud sex scandal. Rumors about his “meetings” at work was discussed long ago, but all blamed on envy. Now the entire district – from the market to the bus station noise, according to

The publication writes that nothing like the people did not see. Say, a sweet couple was taken to the hospital under a service cloth from one office of the head of the district.According to eyewitnesses, “rozliseni” violent couples lasted 40 minutes. Because to separate the lovers could only doctors of district hospital.

“Here, “dick captured” at the end of the tenure of the Chairman of RGA – here are the shocking details of a sex scandal of regional significance are now eyewitnesses, 30 kilometers from Vinnitsa. It is no secret that the Chairman of the RGA, “lit” with his subordinate”, – notes the edition.

Locals say that a violent lover – the Chairman of the district state administration, appointed by former President, Petro Poroshenko. Now, because of a scandal in the district are funny jokes that “Parkaboy” mistress choose blondes.

Say that this official specially dyed her hair “under blonde” to please your boyfriend. In the area somehow believe that his protege for the post will try to cover the famous MP-defector. After all, his “quota” RGA is headed by a young and handsome officer, whose name in the area is booming because of a sex scandal in the corridors of power.

However, this subject will be raised at the regional session, although the name of a frantic lover is not yet manifest. But it is clear that it is representative of recently the current government.

Often shocking details of private life of leaders lead to cognitive dissonance. Especially when it happens in a small town where everybody knows everybody.

As you know, not so long ago in the scandal was marked by the former head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin, who was accepted into the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, where he served as head of this organization. At the same time, a curator and a spiritual mentor of Boris Lozhkina in a new incarnation in the ESC became Rabbi of Ukraine Yaakov Dov Bleich, who later turned out to be a sexual deviant. This was the cause of a major sex scandal.

The publication wrote that any mention about Bleich removed from the site of the Council of European rabbis, where he was a member of the Presidium of the Executive and standing committees.

We also wrote about the stunning recognition of the athletes about the sex scandal at the Olympics.

Скандал! Чиновник Порошенко "склеился" с подчиненной прямо в кабинете, "ч**н в плен". Вывозили под скатертью

Скандал! Чиновник Порошенко "склеился" с подчиненной прямо в кабинете, "ч**н в плен". Вывозили под скатертью