Scandalous Montyan urged Russia to seize Ukraine and Belarus: “there is a bomb”

Скандальная Монтян призвала Россию захватить Украину и Беларусь: «будет бомбить»

Scandalous Kiev lawyer again urges Russia to take good not only for Ukraine and Belarus

Known ukrainofobkoy Tatyana Montyan dreams that Russia has absorbed our country and neighboring Belarus.

Well-known fan of Putin, said during his stream on YouTube. “It would be nice to arrange some sort of Federation of Russia – Ukraine – Belarus. Earlier there were hopes that Ukraine and Belarus will be able to live independently. But, most likely, “Pindos” and Pulsar will not, and will sooner or later collapse of Belarus as well as ruined us,” – said Montyan in the air, writes Columnist.

She believes that neither Ukraine nor Belarus without Russia, there simply can’t.

Montyan believes that if this is not done, then her beloved Russia threatens NATO’s intervention that “would just bomb Russia”. But that did not happen, the three countries need to urgently unite.

According to Montyan, Russia had to act decisively in 2014 and “in no case do not admit of our maydaunnogo raguli”.

Note that the woman is not the first time insults the Ukrainians who support the occupiers and rants on topics that can be considered a threat to state security.

So, during a speech broadcast propaganda program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1″she made calls for public killings of Pro-Ukrainian activists.

Montyan stated that it is necessary to execute all the participants and supporters of the revolution of Dignity. An accomplice of the invaders tried to convince the audience that in Ukraine, allegedly there are a lot of families split because of different political views.

“We have a lot of cases, when the brothers are on different sides of the barricades. Here journalists, for example, Bogdan and Aleksey Kutepov. Bogdan is completely demented maydaun. Alex – antimaydanovets. They such each other’s writing! They are in such a relationship!”, – said Montyan.

In response, the Polish political scientist Jakub Koreyba asked the traitor, does she believe that her abusive vocabulary contributes to the development of Russian-Ukrainian friendship and brotherly relations.

“And how! And how! I believe that maydaunov need to hang on poles as state criminals!” – immediately reacted Montyan.

In 2016 Montyan has distinguished statements. When she was detained by Ukrainian border guards on the border with Poland, she said: “Soon it will be Russia, and all of you will be hanged on Telegraph poles. And I would be very happy. So you should be cattle”.

Also Politeka wrote that Montyan called for the murder of the Ukrainian military.

Скандальная Монтян призвала Россию захватить Украину и Беларусь: «будет бомбить»

Скандальная Монтян призвала Россию захватить Украину и Беларусь: «будет бомбить»