Scania breaking records on the Russian market, and KAMAZ falls

Scania бьет рекорды на российском рынке, а КамАЗ падает

For Scania, one of the largest players in the global truck market, last year in Russia was a record: the brand sold us the car 7181 (+17%) and surpassed the sales of its European competitors.

By the way, for Scania Russia has become the second largest market after Brazil. Good idea to buy the Swedish heavy trucks in Germany, followed by Britain and France.

By the way, last year was the best and sales of machinery. So, the domestic fleet has received 418 trucks Scania, 455 trucks for work in the mining sector and 278 car for public roads. In addition, we realized 214 timber.

It is worth mentioning that a direct competitor is the Volvo over the period given into the hands of buyers 6405 truck production increased by 6.7%. And almost 90% of them are of local production, off the Assembly line of production in Kaluga.

Meanwhile, the Russian KAMAZ over the last year, sold 32 681 truck (89% of the total market). However, the brand began losing popularity, having sold is 1.4% less t/C regarding 2017.