Scania puts the record on the market in Russia

Scania ставит рекорды на рынке в России

At the end of last year, Scania has become the sales leader among the European truck brands. Of course, the “to do” domestic KAMAZ and GAZ in the overall ranking, the Swedes could not, but the three leaders still hit.

Over the past year we have acquired 6628 trucks Scania – 24.7% of the market of trucks of a tonnage of 16 tons. Moreover, the brand has managed to raise the indicators is 17.1% compared to 2017.

The 2018 year was a record year for Scania in Russia all indicators over the entire history of the company, admitted to General Director of “Scania-Rus” Wojciech Rowinski.

A leading position in the cargo charts ranked according to “AUTOSTAT” Kamsky automobile plant, KAMAZ products has sold 25 700 copies (-2,6%). “GAZ group” received second place, sold 8400 units (+7.1 percent). But Scania Volvo beat (6300 auto +5,9%) and MAN (5100 units, +7.3 per cent), received fourth and fifth place respectively.

Recall that Scania sells not only ready equipment, but also supplies components for other brands. So, last year the Belarusian automobile plant, the Swedes gave eight eight-cylinder diesel engines to 45-ton mining giants BelAZ-75454.