Scared of the su-57 in space. Japan turns the air force space forces

Испугались Су-57 в космосе. Япония превращает ВВС в космические войска

Demonstration of skills of Russian fighter jets scared the descendants of the samurai.

On September 18 of this year, the newspaper Japan Today (Japan today) on its website published a statement saying that the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe ordered to rename air force Japan aerospace.

According to the statements of the Japanese leadership such reform aims to strengthen and improve the protection of the Japanese state in space.

However, someone from Japan is going to defend in space?

It is no secret that one of the main problems for modern Japan is the question of belonging of the South Kuril Islands. Fought on the side of Hitler’s Third Reich during the Second World war Japan sincerely believes that the Kuril Islands was “illegally occupied” the Soviet Union.

In this regard, Japan permanent is preparing to war with Russia over the Kuril Islands. Japanese authorities are increasing the composition of the naval forces, introducing into service the helicopter carrier, intended to act as carriers.

The transformation of the air force Japan aerospace forces due to the fact that the Japanese authorities were afraid of the su-57 in space. The latest Russian fighter of the fifth generation can repeat the feat of the fighter-interceptor aircraft of the Pacific fleet of Russian MiG-31 that came out in the lower layers of the cosmos.

The maximum ceiling height that can fly the su-57 is 20 kilometers. This allows the su-57 to go into space, being beyond the reach of enemy planes.

Japan turns the air force space forces in order to create a system of aerospace weapons that can destroy the su-57 even in the lower layers of the cosmos. Does this mean imminent military conflict between Russia and Japan? Unlikely. In addition, to proclaim the establishment of aerospace troops, it is also necessary to have the courage to fight with one of the most powerful countries in the world.