Scared the people of new York UFO ufologists associated with Nibiru

In the Internet appeared the video, which proves the fact that on the territory of new York, the flying alien UFO. Ufologists have expressed their concerns that the object in the sky could be associated with Nibiru.

Напугавшее жителей Нью-Йорка НЛО уфологи связали с Нибиру

August 25, 2018, the people of new York could observe in the sky, a mysterious object that in a chaotic manner moving through the air. The author of the video said that he was scared, because I immediately accepted the object in the sky for the cosmic UFO. However, ufologists from the US, who commented on the video, said that the object weight itself unusual for a UFO.

Experts began to assume that a flying saucer could be sent to earth humanoids from the planet Nibiru, which almost killed the inhabitants of the Earth. Recall that the Apocalypse predicted on 16 August this year.

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