Scary makeup for Halloween 2018 – video and photo makeup

Страшний макіяж на Хелловін 2018 - відео та фото макіяжу

Even if you don’t like to celebrate Halloween in 2018, will agree to go to a costume party is a fun and intriguing entertainment. We have collected original and stylish looks that you will definitely be in the spotlight.

If you still in doubt which image to choose, editorial LifeStyle 24 has identified 11 products that are suitable for both super heroines and sinister witch.

Rainbow girl

On the background of a dark and spooky Halloween costumes you definitely verssailles with rainbow shadows and sparkles. The main emphasis in this make on the eyes, so take care of the quality database.

Watch the video how to do Rainbow makeup for Halloween 2018:



To transform the way Chudoji need skill to Mike-up there are accurate and clear lines. So, if you have eyeliner, you are sure to repeat this makeup.

Step by step instructions how to reproduce the image showed the famous beauty blogger Nikki.

Watch the video how to do makeup Chudoji on Halloween 2018:


Old lady

Original and very light bow. This image was chosen for Halloween supermodel Heidi Klum.

Страшний макіяж на Хелловін 2018 - відео та фото макіяжу

Actually Heidi Klum is 45 years old

For this you don’t need much paint or latex, all that will be useful for creating makeup old lady is a brown shadow and eyeliner.

Watch the video how to do old lady makeup for Halloween 2018:



What is Halloween without the spooky kind! In many online instructions on how to create the bow, from whose veins the blood run cold. Check out one of nyakhaychyk.

Watch the video how to do makeup monster on Halloween 2018:



This is a very sweet and gentle way. The main thing is not zbudte about white spots on the body. Instead of horns you can make a stylish “Dulce” of hair.

Watch the video how to do a deer makeup for Halloween 2018:



The theme of space, probably never go out of fashion. It’s always interesting and mysterious. Repeat and you style a mysterious beauty.

Beauty bloggers often perform such make-up in pink, blue or purple. Feature Mike-AAP – white details in the form of stars, or Shine.


Watch the video how to do makeup of the galaxy on Halloween 2018:



Scary clowns from year to year become the inspiration for the images of Halloween. And this time is no exception.

This makeup is quite heavy to implement, because you need tools for make-up and wig. But believe me, your efforts will not be wasted – you will scare even an avid fan of horror films.

Watch the video how to do makeup for clown Halloween 2018:


Betty Boop

Betty Boop – seductive heroine cartoons 30 years. This makeup is cute and very easy to reproduce. Just take a glossy red lipstick to complete your bow.

Watch the video how to do makeup Betty Boop Halloween 2018:


Cat woman

Even Monica from “Friends” tried on the image of a sexy Catwoman for Halloween. In this makeup, the main emphasis is on the eyes. Therefore, select them carefully with a pencil or eyeliner.

Страшний макіяж на Хелловін 2018 - відео та фото макіяжу

Watch the video how to do makeup cat-Woman for Halloween 2018


If you look creepy – it’s not yours, make a way in the style of Cleopatra. This suit is glamorous and beautiful.

Watch the video how to do Cleopatra makeup for Halloween 2018:


Queen of the vampires

Halloween and vampires indivisible things. Fangs, pale skin, red lens – based this make-up.

Watch the video how to do makeup vampire Halloween 2018:


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