“Scheme”: who is featured on recordings with his brother Ermak and who led them

"Схемы": кто фигурирует на записях с братом Ермака и кто их вел

29.03.2020, 23:31


Journalists “Scheme” claim to have identified some of the defendants and the author of the video with Denis Ermak, a discussion of appointments

Installed some defendants in a series of videos with the brother of the head of the Office of the President Denis Ermak, as well as the author of the shooting, say the journalists of the program “Schemes”.

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MP geo Leros gave the recording “Schemes” for the day until their partial publication, told journalists. Only live about 10 hours, and this may not be the full amount taken. The meeting, recorded on video, from the end of August – beginning of October 2019.

The records are discussed appointments to various government positions that supposedly can contribute Denis Ermak, as his brother Andrew Ermak at that time was an Advisor to President Vladimir Zelensky, Denis, and the supposedly close relationship with the President.

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“Scheme” claim that one of the main actors on the records is the assistant of Denis Ermak Sergey Shumsky. It was a man named Sergei in the video is the schedule of meetings and negotiates who gets to the interview, and openly says his goal is to get money.

In one video he says that will create a civil organization, in the office where it will be possible to move the interview, and which can be used to make “charitable contributions”. TH should be called the Ukrainian Bureau of the national development, interview dated 30 September. On October 2, the Ministry of justice registered the organization Ermak and Shumsky with the same name.

Also “Scheme” claim that Shumsky says on record about the possibility of Denis Ermak to ensure a victory on construction tenders for certain Iranian companies and asks the interlocutor to come up with a scheme to circumvent the international sanctions imposed on Iran.

According to “Schemes”, the record led Dmitry Shtanko, owner of several companies in the financial and agricultural sectors. Reporters failed to communicate with him or with Sumskim, nor with Denis Ermak.

Also, according to journalists, the video is Ruslan Komar-Black, who has filed a Declaration of candidate for the post of head of the Ternopil regional state administration. On the records he allegedly was discussing the possibility to hold this position with Denis Ermak. To the position he has not been appointed. Mosquito Black did not want to comment “Schemes”.

Another man, whose identity was a success, as they say, to set the journalists Anatoly Chmerkovskiy, in 2015-2017 headed the Agency for development of Cherkasy regional Council. The video discusses the possibility of its operation in Odessa region, probably on the post of Deputy head of the Odessa regional state administration. The appointment also took place. Chmerkovskiy said “Schemes” that does not remember such a conversation, although the details of his biography that it provides confirmed.

  • March 19, Leros gave an interview in which he criticized the signing of Andrey Ermak document on the possible establishment of talks in Minsk of the Advisory group, which will include “representatives ORDO”. The next day President Vladimir Zelensky fired Leros from the post freelance Advisor
  • Today Leros has published a series of videos in which the man with the voice like the voice of Denis Ermak, allegedly discussing appointments for money.
  • Andrey Ermak answer to Leros that he crossed some red lines and promised to go to SBU RRT and to test records and as neither was at Leros.
  • Later revelations stated that he had asked the NAB to verify the possible involvement of Andrei Yermak to a criminal offense.