Schoolboy shot himself in the head in the Dnipropetrovsk region: what do we know – 24 Channel

Школяр вистрілив собі у голову на Дніпропетровщині: що про це відомо - 24 Канал

In Pershotravensk of Dnipropetrovsk region there was a terrible tragedy 16-the summer pupil of local school shot himself in the head with a converted starting pistol. Its dead in the apartment found the father.

According to TSN, before the incident, the guy together with the friends went out after school out of school and went home.

“Two hours later he with a gunshot wound to the head in the apartment found the father. Despite the efforts of doctors, the guy survived. Where the student took the weapon is still unknown. The locals don’t talk on camera that the gun could belong to the boy’s father, but police have not confirmed. Suicide note the teen left, but law enforcement is more inclined to believe that it was not an accident but a suicide,” the article reads.

According to neighbors, the teenager was quiet and friendly, and the only child in the family.

“Family, where there was grief, trustworthy, and the teenager loved sport and had no bad habits. However, almost all free time spent at the computer, played and watched the anime. The father says, could not it from the computer tear” – say the people.

Classmates of the deceased, for their part, claim that he was the favorite of the class, no one was denied care, no conflicts with anyone had.

In addition, the school does not believe in suicide, and in computer games teen played more than others.

“He was a researcher. That is, such children often become what scientists. He loved to care for flowers,” – said the Director of the school where he studied.

We will remind, recently in the city of Bolgrad of Odessa region 59-year-old man committed self-immolation and died. The incident occurred in the garden near the house, and his body was found by his wife.

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