Schools EN masse will not be closed, – Lyashko

Школы массово закрываться не будут, - Ляшко

In Ukraine from 1 September should not expect the mass closure of schools due to quarantine.

This statement was made in a broadcast TV program, the Deputy Minister of health, chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko.

On the question of what will happen to the schools, Lyashko said:

“They will earn from September 1 as usual. Only where there is a “red zone” will close schools. “Red zone” in those areas is not going to be something extraordinary. We already know what epidporog – conditional epidporog is not what it always was for the flu and other seasonal diseases.”

The chief sanitary doctor explained that if the school is in a “red zone”, it is closed for a certain period of time, stabiliziruemost figures and school opening.

“Wide closure of schools in the country is not going to happen, if not exceeded thresholds for influenza and influenza-like diseases. We are closed annually in the areas of school due to the increase in the incidence of influenza and influenza-like diseases. There is a clear methodology, and we publish annually a Bulletin for the flu and flu-like diseases, which shows the incidence of influenza, and we already start”, – he said.