Scientists: a Molecule that is not recognized by the immune system, triggers the development of multiple sclerosis

About the response of immune cells like bacteria or virus, kills neurons in the brain, found researchers from Switzerland.

Ученые: Молекула, не распознанная иммунитетом, провоцирует развитие рассеянного склероза

According to Science Magazine, experts for years were convinced that a “starting point” for the occurrence of multiple sclerosis was autoantigen — positive molecule that the immune system falsely considers harmful influences it. As a result of long research, collecting and analyzing data on the occurrence of incurable disease specialists from the University hospital Zurich carried out a detailed examination of immune cells of a person who died from multiple sclerosis.

Scientists have tried to define the proteins that stimulates the activity of T-cells. For the study, there were around 200 different combinations of peptide fragments. As a result, scientists were able to identify two about molecules, guanosine diphosphate-L-fucosamine.

It became known that these two molecules help with the digestion of sugars in the body. In the nearest future, experts will try to find blockers for molecules that activate immune cells is not happening is false. This will reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Also, experts from the United States are looking for ways to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

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