Scientists: Aliens let US blow up the moon atomic weapons

Experts believe that the aliens hide the fact that the Moon is hollow inside.

Ученые: Пришельцы препятствовали США взорвать на Луне атомное оружие

Scientists from the technological Institute of Massachusetts spoke about the alleged origin of the moon they believe that it can be hollow. Experts say that the gravitational field around a celestial body indicates the activity of alien beings. This confirms the words of Ross Dedrickson published report QIAO the BBC, conducted in 1959, which stated that the United States tried to blow up the moon, atomic weapons, but the aliens let them make plans.

In the scientific world it has long been rumored that on the Earth there is something unusual. So, the mission STARGATE argue that they personally have seen aliens that are very similar to people. Also questionable and unusual structures on the moon, the nature of which is clearly artificial origin.

The existence of alien beings is confirmed by the mission “Apollo 11” in 1969. The most famous astronaut Neil Armstrong said that the moon is the whole city of aliens. However, the public, the news was not sound of steel in order to preserve the tranquility of mankind. But experts have deciphered the transcript from which it became clear that NASA is definitely hiding many things from the grounders.

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