Scientists called juice, which will eliminate back problems

Ученые назвали сок, который избавит от проблем с позвоночником

In orange juice found a feature that makes it extremely useful for people with problems of the spine. Employees of Zhengzhou University conducted a study and found: the orange juice is extremely effective in strengthening bones and protect against fractures.

After the age of 50 the problem of weakened bone tissue is typical for the two sexes, but particularly for women. This increases the risk of particularly difficult to treat fractures.

“Every day drinking two glasses of orange juice, one can reduce the risk of fracture by half,” – said the authors of the new project.

This conclusion was made by scientists after a survey of more than 10,000 people. It turned out that, drinking a quarter of a medium glass of juice a day men reduced the risk of fractures by 5%. Drinking a glass of orange juice raised the bar already up to 20%.

This effect of the juice associated with it abundance of vitamin C. Under his influence bone cells become more active and strong. Doctors noted that the daily presence of vitamin C in diet is very important, as the human body has no ability to accumulate the vitamin.