Scientists can show the first picture of a black hole

Ученые могут показать первый снимок черной дыры

There is a high probability that scientists who are already two years engaged in the study of the giant black hole at the center of our galaxy, were able to learn about black holes I still didn’t know. It is known that they used to study the most powerful telescope in the world the size of Earth.

What is known about the study

In 2017, scientists have launched a research mission. They wanted to make the first photo of the event horizon of a black hole. For this, the scientists combined all the world telescopes into one powerful telescope. For its size it was like our planet. Reported in Newsweek.

For the entire period of observations, the telescope has collected more than one petabyte of data. In General, the team of researchers of 10 days observed the radio source at the center of our galaxy, the Gunner A. It is situated at a distance of 25 640 light years from Earth.

The information was transferred to two research bodies: Haystacks Observatory Massachusetts Institute of technology and the Institute for radio astronomy max Planck in Germany. After that, data were processed with the help of powerful supercomputers.

Will we see pictures of a black hole

At the European southern Observatory and the National science Foundation, the U.S. said that scientists are preparing “to submit innovative result of EHT”. Although further details are still unknown, but the likelihood that scientists will present the picture of a black hole really is.

Ученые могут показать первый снимок черной дыры

Black hole

A press conference concerning the attempts to make the world’s first the black hole will be carried out in the United States, Chile, Belgium, Spain, Japan, China and Taiwan at the same time.

What is the significance of the study

If scientists really will be real the black hole, they will be able to better understand the nature of such cosmic bodies, as well as to examine the General theory of relativity, the theory of quantum mechanics and the like.

Observations will allow us to sort all the crazy theories about black holes. And a lot of them. Thanks to the data from this project we can learn something about black holes that we never knew,
– said the participant of the project of Gopal Narayanan.

By the way, recently spacecraft Hubble captures the process of disintegration of asteroid (6478) Gault. The asteroid was noticed in 1988 in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. He was placed at a distance of 344 million km from the Sun.