Scientists: cancer is an Incurable virus is killing people around the world

A sensational statement, which can not add optimism to mankind, for centuries to seek effective means to combat cancer, did a group of American researchers.

Ученые: Неизлечимый вирус рака убивает людей по всему миру

In a practical way, scientists have proved that there is an incurable virus of cancer that’s killing people around the world. The sensational discovery is that the researchers were able to prove, first, the viral basis of the terrible disease, and, secondly, the infection sexually. As it turned out, the virus HTLV-1, which was discovered many years ago in the study of Egyptian mummies, alive and now. He takes a year of life up to 10 million people.

This virus that was 35 years ago classified as “sleep” was one of the main enemies of mankind. HTLV-1 can be transmitted sexually and from mother to child through breastfeeding. In its properties it is similar to HIV, only much worse, because today there is no vaccine to neutralize the deadly virus. In addition, one of the main mysteries for scientists, is the incubation period, after penetration of the virus into the body. According to recent reports, it could amount to decades.

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