Scientists: coffee Consumption can cause lifelong insomnia

Researchers from Korea believe that the invigorating drink has a cumulative effect.

Ученые: Употребление кофе может вызвать пожизненную бессонницу

Scientists from the University of Seoul in South Korea, came to the conclusion that drinking coffee can cause permanent insomnia. The results of the study partly account for the appearance of insomnia in old age.

The experiment was conducted in 162 elderly participants who have no health problems. Scientists conducted a survey, which found out how much a day for the life they drink cups of coffee, and what is the duration of their sleep.

To assess the effect had MRI brain scans that allowed us to determine the state of the pineal gland of the participants. It turned out that coffee drinkers are 20% smaller glands than those who had never been fond of.

The pineal gland is the organ that is in the middle of the brain. Its main function is melatonin, which is secreted during sleep.

Experts say that long-term consumption of coffee contributes to the destruction of the pineal gland, and entails chronic insomnia for life.

Recently, scientists have found that drinking coffee may have a positive impact on blood vessels and heart, if the person has no bad habits. A refreshing drink, according to researchers, prevents coronary calcification.

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