Scientists commented on the first death from Hantavirus in China

Ученые прокомментировали первую смерть от хантавируса в Китае

Transmission of Hantavirus from person to person is extremely rare. A vaccine for this disease exists. This was reported by the scientist, a specialist in neurophysiology Simia Shake on his Twitter page on Wednesday, March 25.

In addition, she reminded that the disease appeared in the middle of the last century during the Korean war. According to her, the vaccine against Hantavirus exists and urged not to panic. Transmission of the disease from person to person is extremely rare.

“Please don’t panic if you don’t plan to eat the rats,” wrote Shake.

Virology from Wuhan University, Yang Janicu called the unlikely possibility of infecting other passengers of the bus in which from the Hantavirus, the man died.

“Unlike COVID-19 Hantavirus in most cases, is not transmitted through the respiratory system,” he said in comments to the Global Times.

However, according to him, the virus can be transmitted to others through feces and blood of infected.

The virologist said that we should not worry about the Hantavirus since the disease is amenable to prevention and control. In addition, the prevalence of Hantavirus in the cities is very low, it is mainly found in rural areas.

Hantavirus, he said, could damage the liver, kidneys and other organs, and cause fever and massive internal bleeding.