Scientists: Diet with an increased amount of fat leads to diabetes II degree

The ketogenic diet until recently, it seemed “lifeline” for those wishing to lose weight in record time, but the researchers found a number of negative consequences.

Ученые: Диета с повышенным количеством жиров приводит к диабету II степени

Scientists from ETH Zurich and the University children’s hospital Zurich decided to test whether a diet with a high amount of fat and low carbs such effective and does not harm the body.

Metabolic experiments were conducted on mice that were fed strictly according to the prescription of this diet. The result revealed that the liver of a Guinea was not working properly, not controlling the level of insulin that leads to diabetes II degree. It is understood, dysfunction of the liver affects the blood sugar level – in this case, the body can’t keep up with him.

However, scientists say that the link between obesity in the future and the ketogenic diet have not been identified. This requires a longer observation.

This diet aimed at burning fatty acids as energy source, carbohydrates, is virtually absent in the body. Doctors advise not to listen to friends, and even more advice from the Network on the “efficient” diet for each individual organism, so it is first necessary to consult with nutritionists.

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