Scientists discovered the real cause of the collapse of a mighty Empire: the Apocalypse

Ученые обнаружили настоящую причину краха могущественной империи: «апокалипсис»

Archaeologists conducting excavations in Israel have found why the Byzantine Empire fell

The reason for the collapse is a natural Apocalypse.

The researchers worked with the ancient mounds in the place where the ancient city Elusa, which was part of the Byzantine Empire, which existed from 330 to 1453 ad. The capital of the powerful Empire was Constantinople.

As you know, the Ottomans conquered Byzantium in 1453.

New data of experts indicate that the invaders helped natural forces, which played against the Byzantine Empire.

Thus, the burial mounds, which were studied in Elute, turned out to be trash mounds. This suggests that in the ancient city of waste collection was conducted systematically and was well organized. However, the debris stopped collecting for a hundred years before the town fell to the Ottomans.

Scientists believe that this century was very difficult for Alusi.

So, according to experts, in 563 in the region got cold fast. The reason cold weather was the eruption of a paste of three volcanoes. As a result, the atmosphere was ejected an enormous quantity of ashes. The smoke and ash gave the sun to heat the ground.

Because of this, the cold snap in Europe and Asia began crop failures. In those days Alusa was a wine merchant, but as trading partners, the crisis came, and the inhabitants of the city came a difficult period. Many citizens went in search of a better life.

Due to the significant reduction of residents in Elose, it was tasty and easy prey for invaders.

As previously reported, on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia for the first time in the last nine years were active and began erupting Shiveluch volcano. In the last days, he was regularly thrown into the atmosphere significant amounts of ash on the slopes of an active dome of a volcano is coming off a red-hot lava.

It is noted that the volcano intensified in December, and since then was constantly under observation, but now every day he throws out more ash and lumps of lava, and then began the draining of the lava flows. This time the eruption can be very strong, experts say.

The volcano emits ash and evaporation on the multi-kilometer height, which may present a potential danger to aircraft flights.

The Shiveluch volcano is the northernmost of operating in Kamchatka, its height 3 283 m. the Last eruption here was in 2010.

Ученые обнаружили настоящую причину краха могущественной империи: «апокалипсис»

Ученые обнаружили настоящую причину краха могущественной империи: «апокалипсис»