Scientists fear explosion of the Sun: “the inevitable end”

Ученые опасаются взрыва Солнца: «будет неминуемый конец»

Astrophysicists have predicted a terrible Apocalypse

Experts have determined the flash power, which occurred 3 years ago at the star JW 566, located in the constellation of Orion. Nothing good is for Land not threatened.

Astrophysics from the East Asian Observatory in Hawaii found that the explosion was 10 billion times more powerful than normal solar flares. The experts came to a disappointing conclusion – if something like that happens on our Sun, Earth will be the inevitable end.

Earlier, similar concerns were voiced by the NASA experts. This he regularly say 2012. Scientists believe that after such an outbreak in the electromagnetic field of our planet will be the strongest DC current that will just incinerate all the mains. From transformers will remain one of the embers and the Earth will come darkness.

As previously reported, the researchers predicted the disappearance of insects, which will lead to dire consequences to the Earth.

Scientists who have studied the decline in the number of insects, warned of the danger of complete disappearance of this class of animals from the flora and fauna of the Earth. According to scientists, insects are becoming extinct so quickly that they can die in a whole in the next 100 years.

A third of the species is endangered now, and more than 40% will be threatened in the next few decades.

“This happens very quickly, said one of the authors, Francisco Sanchez-Bayo edition of the Guardian. – After 10 years, the number of insects will decrease by a quarter, 50 will remain only half, and in 100 years there will be no”. According to the researcher, if the process is not stopped, it would have “catastrophic consequences for the planet’s ecosystems and for human survival”.

The research argue that, in General, the number of insects is reduced by 2.5 percent annually. As the researchers found, the insects die two times faster than vertebrates, and their rate of extinction exceeds the rate of extinction of mammals, birds and reptiles eight times.

The researchers studied 73 of the report to reduce the number of insects as factors most strongly affecting insects, noted intensive agriculture (especially use of pesticides for treatment of plants), climate change and urbanization.

Ученые опасаются взрыва Солнца: «будет неминуемый конец»

Ученые опасаются взрыва Солнца: «будет неминуемый конец»