Scientists fear the onset of a post-antibiotic era

Ученые опасаются наступления пост-антибиотической эры

The post-antibiotic era, the onset of which is associated with the mass resistance to the antibiotics will do, according to scientists, the deadly light infection and injury.

Scientists warn about danger of occurrence of post-antibiotic era, says Canadian Medical Association Journal. In publishing scientists from the University of Western Ontario (Canada) expressed his concern at the increasing worldwide resistance of bacteria to antimicrobial agents.

“In many countries, widespread improper or excessive use of antibiotics increases risk of resistance to these drugs. Bacterial resistance to antimicrobial drugs is a serious and growing threat to the health of patients,” – said the head of the Department of infectious diseases University Michael Silverman.

According to the scientist, the onset of the post-antibiotic era may happen in the XXI century. This period humanity is threatened by the fact that “common infections and minor injuries will once again become fatal,” warned Silverman.

According to the scientist, doctors often prescribe antibiotics in cases of diagnostic uncertainty. In addition, patients themselves may insist on a strong drug, and doctors have to prescribe antibiotics. Here is an example of the investigation of such a strategy – 46% of older people in Canada took prescription antibiotics in the treatment of non-bacterial acute infections of the upper respiratory tract, not requiring the use of these drugs. In the UK, as explained by the expert, one-third of doctors prescribe antibiotics are prescribed inappropriately. In the US, about 40% of the antibiotics that treated older Americans are not used for their intended purpose.

In General, as demonstrated by a canadian study, 20-40% of antibiotics around the world today may be administered improperly, increasing trend of antimicrobial resistance. Scientists do not hide their fears from the onset of the post-antibiotic era – in the global scale implications of this process, in their opinion, can be unpredictable.