Scientists first introduced the serum from toxic shock syndrome

Acute severe disease is referred to as “vaginal sepsis” and often affects women using tampons during menstruation.

Ученые впервые представили сыворотку от  синдрома токсического шока

Acute, severe multiple organ lesions of internal organs caused by the exotoxins of Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pyogenic, called toxic shock syndrome. The disease is manifested by high temperature, low blood pressure, skin rashes in the form of erythema, profuse diarrhea, vomiting. Most often seen in women during menstruation, used a vaginal tampon. It is diagnosed very rarely, however, high resistance bacteria, their resistance to virtually all antimicrobial drugs complicates the fight against toxins, which leads to the death of patients.

Scientists from the Medical University of Vienna in Australia introduced the world’s only specific serum that prevents the development of toxic shock syndrome, created on the basis of detoxification of staphylococcin. A unique product successfully passed the first stage of clinical trials: after subcutaneous injection of 50 volunteers, all in the body has formed specific antibodies against toxins, bacteria, and so the serum is really works without causing any side effects. Soon, the experts will hold a second mass phase of the study, to better study the mechanism and specificity of action of serum.

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