Scientists found in the Arctic circle “balls of the Gods”

The scientific community can not explain the origin of mysterious spherical objects in the center of the Arctic archipelago.

Ученые нашли за Полярным кругом «шары Богов»

In the Arctic ocean on the island of Champa, scientists have found stone spheres, whose origin is a mystery. The island is in the Arctic circle and, in addition to these stone balls, little different from that located in the same water area land: glaciers, low rocky mountains, miserable and unremarkable flora and fauna.

But the stones round, make a dreary Arctic landscape is exceptional.

According to one version, round objects – the case of human hands. However, confirmation of this theory is not found, because the traces of people on the island could not be found. Scientists from the Arctic state University are convinced that the spherical stones were formed in the crystallization process and the magnetization of the Sandstone, but this version was not all convinced. Austrian geologists have suggested that the spherical shape of the stones gave the water, but the globular form is due to the organic core.

But there is another opinion. The Swiss writer Erich F. deneken wrote that it was “balls of the Gods”, which they “played in the Arctic circle”.

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