Scientists found out why larks have more sex than owls

Ученые узнали, почему жаворонки чаще занимаются сексом, чем совы

Results publishes the German magazine Focus. It turned out that larks, though, and get up early, sleep an average of 7 hours. An hour longer the owls. Early birds are more confident in life, more you earn. Romantics at heart, they believe in love at first sight, prefer ongoing relationships and… more sex. On average, three times a week. And lovers awake at night only twice. However, and larks there are drawbacks. According to the survey, they are more likely to snore and toss and turn more in bed. Although perhaps it’s just a slander of bed partners, who at night can’t sleep…

– The study of authentic – confirmed candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Kalinkin. – We, professionals in this field, much is already known.

And even the difference in the frequency of sex not fake?

– Of course! Sleep is of great importance for human health, determines the length of life, its quality, same-sexual activity… the Norm for most – 7 – 9 hours. Skylarks spend in bed on average 7 hours. The norm! Hence good results in all.

When the lack of sleep duration, quality of life reduced. As in excess of – more than 9 hours. Owls sleep an average of 6 hours, an hour less than normal, which causes deterioration of health, daytime sleepiness. Because they are engaged in sex less often.

I will say more: chronic lack of sleep even affects the activity of our genome. If you deprive a person of food, the maximum it can live for 72 hours. Without water is 18 days. Without sleep – a week. Although described the case in 11 days, but it is certainly not proven.

– The day his seven-hour norm of sleep, and the night awake…

– Will not work. The main regulator of all circadian processes is sunlight. Larks live by the sundial, in accordance with the rhythms of nature. Day awake, combining sleep schedule from the night time. This is very important. Especially now, in summer, when the sun rises early. Solar light reaching the retina of the eye, is sufficient to suppress the production of the hormone melatonin. But in the evening the melatonin concentration in the body begins to increase. Reaching maximum values between midnight and 5 am. This is the best time for a healthy sleep.

– No wonder melatonin is called the hormone of sleep!

– This is actually the hormone of the night. He gives a signal to the body that it is time to sleep. In our body are the main biological clock, they are in front of the hypothalamus. Their hands are run daily and are fed by sunlight. But apart from them in every cell of the body has its own clock with its dial. It is not 24 hours, and 12, 6, etc. Melatonin the blood reaches every cell. Through the membrane of kernels penetrates and affects the gene. In fact, forced to work in a night mode. While a person sleeps, there is a recovery, the strengthening of its physical, mental health, body cleansing and other important processes.

– Is it right saying “the early bird catches the worm”. – At first glance, everything is really simple. But the process of sleeping humanity more and more disturbed, its quality is deteriorating due to the sharp intensification of social life, the advent of artificial light, all sorts of gadgets. In many countries the average duration of sleep over the last hundred years has fallen from 8 to 6 hours. And some cities – have less than 6 hours. We spend billions of dollars on medicine to treat disease. And their level is not reduced. Cancer, diabetes, the same neurodegenerative diseases… And at the same time, we ourselves contribute to the increased incidence of destroying his dream.

– Do you what “the birds” a treat?

– Larks, owls – traditional division. Between these poles, the doves, changing the rhythm as necessary. A student I was a night owl. This is a global trend. Young people are socially active, wants to have time to dance clubs, other night activities, etc. So most people in this age of the owl. Though there is a 10 percent larks from birth that remain with them at any age.

Over the years, and many owls translate arrows of the internal clock, turning into the lark. It happened to me. Now I’m 51. Try to go to sleep before 22.30. Wake up at 5 – 6am. Physical exercise in the morning – half to two hours.

– Is it true that owls can do serious exercises in the morning is undesirable?

Yes. They have shifted regime, misalignment, and physical activity. The body is simply not ready for the big exercise in the morning.

– Larks usually eat Breakfast until 10 am. Carbohydrates take into the energy. Brunch owls are deposited in more fat, I have heard this opinion.

– They eat dinner late, overeat at night, gaining weight. But obesity, as you know, contributes to the development of many diseases.

Whether the owls have more frequent heart attacks, ulcers?

Is observational studies. So you cannot talk about causality, we can only speculate.

– How to determine exactly what is your chronotype?

– There is strictly limited time frames. Relatively speaking, the night – from 23.00 to 7.00. Chronotype is determined by the time sleep – Wake. Later – owl, early – lark.

– If not sleep – it is possible to solve the problem of tablets?

All sleeping pills go according to the prescription. In addition to melatonin.

– Tried, does not help.

– Unfortunately, this drug is very far from the truth. There are more than 80 types of sleep disorders. In 79 of them melatonin doctors is not being used. This drug is recommended when moving between time zones with a difference of more than 3 – 4 hours to change the internal clock on the new regime. But if one takes melatonin and is located in a bright place, there may be adverse health effects. So we must carefully treat him.