Scientists from Italy have made robots more agile and maneuverable

Ученые из Италии сделали роботов более ловкими и маневренными

Now robotics is developing with incredible speed. About 10-15 years ago Swami we could not imagine that today, robots will become reality. Of course, now they are far from perfect, but even those opportunities which they are capable, they can easily surprise. And if we talk about one of the most developed and functional versions, about four-legged robots, they are already able to stand on my feet to keep balance, jump high, climb and even to pull the aircraft together with cars.

Nevertheless, they also have room to grow, because one of the most notable at this period of limitation is the need for a rather large surface on which the robot will move. Of course, you can say that it is not at all critical shortage, and you’re right. But still one cannot deny the fact that the aforementioned feature is extremely significantly limits the potential scope of application, since robots are unable to perform certain actions in a fairly narrow spaces. This misunderstanding is going to fix a group of Italian researchers of robotics, which has already created a special robot controller, with which a four-legged robot capable of walking even at a very small and narrow area.

To be a little more detail, but now the robots are able to rearrange his legs so that’s even more effective to balance without falling, in theory, even with the rope. Due to the above-mentioned controller are digital modeling space, “increases the agility and capacity to move”. And as claimed by the same group of researchers from Italy: “Now the robot weighs 90 kg is able without any problems to cross the bridge with a width of six inches”. And Yes, on the above video, researchers from the “Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia” demonstrate to us his creation, namely, how the robot, equipped with a proprietary controller that can support and balance even when it is pushed.

The present invention is remarkable by the fact that with it, robots will be able to learn almost instantly adapt to any, even suddenly changing altitude, which in turn, again, increases their permeability. So in that case, if the team of the Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia will continue to evolve in this direction, we risk to see very promising and interesting competitor for the American leader in the field, and Boston Dynamics.

Ученые из Италии сделали роботов более ловкими и маневренными

Ученые из Италии сделали роботов более ловкими и маневренными


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