Scientists from the United States created the cure for loneliness

Ученые из США создали лекарство от одиночества

In the United States created a drug based on the hormone pregnenolone, which reduces anxiety associated with the feeling of loneliness, of isolation.

The authors – experts from the University of Chicago. They created “the pill loneliness”, reports the Guardian.

“A new drug helps people to get rid of your fear of rejection and relaxes them in communion with others” – presented in its publication of the word leading project researcher Stephanie Cacioppo.

Once the drug based on the hormone pregnenolone was tested on laboratory mice, it has been successfully tested on a group of patients complaining of chronic loneliness. The participants took the cure for loneliness for one and a half years.

According to doctors, the loneliness has a destructive impact on people’s health. In particular, the fact, which causes enhanced synthesis of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of this hormone is bad for most biological processes and can lead to various diseases and ailments.

So, social isolation significantly increases the risk of hypertension development and mortality of loneliness is comparable with mortality from heart disease. According to scientific experts, people living alone, accelerated “wear and tear” of the brain and other internal organs. Consequently, seriously increases the risk of mortality.

Meanwhile, opponents of the drug against loneliness compared to their pills against anxiety, which often form unhealthy dependency on the drug, but did not resolve the problem.