Scientists have been able to apply AI to reduce side effects of chemotherapy

Artificial intelligence is increasingly embedded in our lives. It is widely spread in medicine.

Учёные смогли применить ИИ для снижения побочных эффектов при химиотерапии

Scientists have been able to apply AI to reduce side effects that occur with chemotherapy. In addition, with the help of machine irradiation can reduce the frequency of sessions.

If previously they were held monthly, but now it has become possible to implement chemotherapy only a few times a year. In addition, using the AI managed to optimize the dosage. Now it is reduced by half.

Smart neural network have all the information about these chemotherapy drugs, like vincristine, procarbazine, temozolomide, and lomustine. Then she began to count their combination in relation to the weight of each patient and the severity of his disease.

Moreover, with time even the AI has canceled some drugs for a particular patient, if the health was improved. Thus, the neural network was able to assign the required dose and, thereby, prevent the occurrence of side effects if it is excessive.

Previous models of cancer treatment considered as the main thing to achieve results at any cost. The patient’s condition were not considered. It is no secret that this has led to many premature deaths.

The possibility of a new AI was tested for randomly selected cards cancer patients with traditional treatment.

The neural network has analyzed tens of thousands of options. After that, she deleted the junk. Ultimately, its proposed mode of treatment may prove more effective.

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