Scientists have been able to support life in human liver outside the body for a whole week

Ученые смогли поддерживать жизнь человеческой печени за пределами тела целую неделю

It could be a medical breakthrough, which will expand the possibilities of transplantation of human organs.

Scientists have developed a special machine that can sustain life in human liver outside the body for weeks. Current approaches help to support the livelihoods of the body within a few hours.

But, according to Newsweek, with the help of new technology, the researchers have significantly increased this period. Machine the potential to increase the number of organs for transplantation, which will increase the number of people saved from cancer and other liver diseases. I wonder what the machine actually can help on a bad quality even recover and make it suitable for transplantation. As it turned out, a few days in the car it can completely restore its functionality.

“There is an urgent clinical need for more donor organs due to the growth of the gap between the available grafts and the number of people”, – said the Chairman of the Department of surgery of the University hospital in Zurich Pierre-Alan Clavien.

“To restore or even regenerate the liver, we knew that we needed to build a machine that will be able to keep on longer than any other equipment on the market,” he added.

Scientists have built a machine repeats a few key body functions including excretion of waste, circulation of oxygen and control of the sugar levels. It works through a process of “perfusion”, that is, the passage of fluid through the circulatory system to the organs and tissues.

“With the help of sophisticated machines, we tried to repeat the work of the human body to the liver did not even realize that it is beyond the body,” said Clavien.