Scientists have calculated the best time for doing sex

Ученые вычислили лучшее время для занятий интимом

If you believe the expert on hormones Alisa Vitti, the best time to have sex is not a gentle evening and early morning, and… three in the afternoon. Time perfect in every way. Although men demonstrate the best physical shape in the morning due to testosteronemale rise, the estrogen peak they reach at noon. A splash of this hormone makes them more emotional and tender.

“It may seem counterintuitive, given that the surge of testosterone occurs in the morning in men, but the combination? still high testosterone and estrogen makes men more careful in sex,” says Vitti, in his book, WomanCode. In same-sex couples, of course, be other nuances.

Good morning

If you for some reason can’t ask my boss for a speedy sex in the afternoon, try to do them in the morning. Research Forza Supplements showed that the best time for sex is about 7:30, roughly 45 minutes after the ideal time to Wake up (I’m writing this, and wondering for whom exactly 6:45 is the best time to Wake up?).

Morning sex lowers blood pressure, reduces stress levels, promises a pleasant day and helps to Wake up. In addition, males at this time the highest testosterone level and, consequently, sexual appetite.

Thus, the advantages of morning sex:

it invigorates;

it motivates to go to bed early the day before;

start the morning with sex, much healthier and more correct than with social media feeds;

sex reduces levels of “stress hormone” cortisol, which is pretty high in the morning;

due to the high levels of testosterone, erection in men, “stronger”, and it is a way to survive longer.

Cons of morning sex:

it’s a hell of a morning! If the extra 45 minutes of sleep and the great sex you will choose the former, no one can blame you;

many people do not like that morning sex involves a certain level of “naturalness”: the smell of sweat, bad breath… Although there’s always a shower;

the risk of being late for work is very high!

Good night

But what can compare to good old sex before bed? Which in addition to the physical pleasure helps you to strengthen the bond and build trust. Night – time fragile, and often we spend half an hour before bedtime to share with your partner the trouble that happened to us in the day: to complain, to cry…

This is a normal natural need, the trouble is that pessimistic stories can leave a nasty aftertaste and have to sleep on “restless mind.”

And sex will give you a soothing set of hormones that will comfort and put to sleep.