Scientists have come up with another working way of dealing with insomnia

Ученые придумали еще один работающий способ борьбы с бессонницей

Fall asleep quickly and sleep without waking will help warm bath in which to lie down for about 1.5 hours before a night’s rest, found the staff of the University of Texas.

Research scientists, about the impact on sleep warm and hot water, allowed determined the optimal temperature of water – 40-43 degrees Celsius.

As it turned out, sleep and human body temperature are regulated by the circadian (biological) clock located in the hypothalamus of the brain.

If a warm bath to take at the right biological time, they will enhance the natural circadian process.

Warm water helps to stimulate the body’s thermostat, thus significantly increasing the circulation of blood from the inner core of the body to peripheral areas of the hands and feet, resulting in efficient heat dissipation body, the researchers note.