Scientists have compiled the top 5 most heart-healthy foods

Ученые составили топ-5 самых полезных для сердца продуктов

British scientists have provided a list of the most useful products for the heart.

A list titled whole grains. It is reported that their regular consumption reduces the risk of death from heart disease by 9%. This includes pasta, oatmeal, rye bread, brown rice and quinoa.

Also experts have advised a daily basis to include in the diet legumes, because their composition contains a lot of fiber.

This component forms on the walls of blood vessels specific “gel” by binding with cholesterol and reducing its absorption by the body. Daily consumption name of products allows reducing the level of bad cholesterol by 5%.

In addition, in the top 5 most heart-healthy foods were fruits and vegetables. Despite the fiber content, they can “boast” a large amount of potassium in their composition.

The top five “closes” the fish. About its beneficial substances is known by everyone.

However, the use of the product four times a week helps reduce the risk of heart attack by 21% due to the action of omega-3 fats.