Scientists have created a gel that heals wounds without scarring – 24 Channel

Вчені створили гель, що загоює рани без рубців - 24 Канал

Chinese scientists have developed a unique hydrogel-based protein sericin that can heal wounds and not to leave a trace.

The results of research scientists from Huajumbaro University of science and technology published in the journal of Biomaterial Science.

The basis of gel of silk protein. This tool adheres well to the cells and did not cause any response of the immune system.

The researchers note that it also has mechanical properties. They explained that the gel heals wounds without scars, the gel suppresses inflammation and stimulates the development of new blood vessels.

Вчені створили гель, що загоює рани без рубців - 24 Канал

The gel is also able to regulate the growth factors TGF-β, directing stem cells to the injury site. And it stimulates the growth of scar of the skin, and new.

Experts believe that the proteins contained in the silk, have natural bioactivity. This is due to the fact that the amino acid composition of silk similar to the amino acid composition of human skin. The gel prevents the bacteria get into the wound so it can heal faster than usual.

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