Scientists have created a new type of robots: capable of programming a live machine

Programmable “xenobot” created from the cells of African aquatic frog of the family sportowych American scientists. Such work can move, to carry tiny goods, to regenerate itself, and – in the future – to clean up the ocean and the human body.

For robotic engineers usually prefer to create a person assistants from strong and durable metal and plastic, but experts from the University of Vermont and tufts University give preference to biological tissues. In case of damage these machines can do to cure his wounds, and when the task is done, they collapse and die like all living beings, writes the Guardian.

A new type of robots

Created such works of skin cells and the hearts of embryos smooth clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis), and a stable structure for them was developed on a supercomputer. Skin cells allow these creatures to retain its shape, which resembles a bubble with four legs, and heart cells – move with each contraction.

This is a new type of living machines. This is not a traditional work and do not know the species. This new class of artifacts: a live, programmable body
said Joshua Bongard, one of the researchers of the project.

Scientists called them xenobite. Tests showed that these creatures are of length 1 mm live a few days or even weeks, consuming the embryonic energy reserves. In groups, they swim in circles and may even move to the center of the Petri dish small granules. To reduce friction, some of the varieties were drilled in the torso. They can also be used as a cargo compartment for transportation of molecules.

Xenobot in action:

What can “xenobot”

These abilities do not look impressive against robots that perform surgery, or acrobatics, but we must remember that this is just a prototype programmable living machines. You can configure them to perform a variety of tasks, for example, clean water from micro-plastic or human body against the plaques.

Another useful ability xenobot – regeneration. Cut one of them almost in half, researchers observed how he was cured and went on about his business. And after fulfilling their tasks, these living machines turn into a normal harmless dead cells that do not pollute the environment.

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