Scientists have created a supercomputer: “read minds”

Ученые создали суперкомпьютер: "читает мысли"

The new device will read a person’s thoughts and turn them into spoken language

Scientists at Columbia University in new York have managed to create a device that analyses of human thought and transforms them into synthesized speech. Thus the researchers hope to help people who have lost the ability to speak.

The purpose of the device is not control of thought, and help people with speech disorders. For example, the people who have lost speech due to stroke. It is expected that patients will be able to speak, but only a computer voice.

According to scientists, they managed to demonstrate that people’s thoughts can be decoded, using the appropriate technology, and hear and understand.

The development is based on a computer algorithm that uses artificial intelligence. When a person speaks or pronounces their thoughts – in the brain you can lock specific signals. Scientists were able to translate these signals into plain language, using a special vocoder (Vocoder). This technique is used in Amazom Echo and Apple’s Siri.

However, in order for the vocoder produced clear speech apparatus to train and guide with audio recordings of a man.

After scientists learned the vocoder to recognize numbers and letters, they are planning to teach the unit words and whole sentences. The ultimate goal is to create an implant with which it is possible to measure brain signals and turn them into synthesized speech.

Recently, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) were able to apply AI DeepMind for more effective cancer therapy by reducing the number of complications in several times.

Ученые создали суперкомпьютер: "читает мысли"

Ученые создали суперкомпьютер: "читает мысли"