Scientists have created an electronic contact lens with wireless charging

With the development of technology enhanced features not only get bulky VR helmets and AR-glasses, but a miniature contact lens. However, even the most tiny elements of such systems requires a power source. Korean developers have found a way to charge these devices without the use of wires.

Details of the development

Researchers from Seoul’s Yonsei University have developed a flexible structure that conducts current without heating, are dangerous to the human eye. All the little details they printed on a special 3D printer. The main source of nutrition and the basis for the design was the super-capacitor that can support the device for up to seven days. For wireless charging gadget meet the electric current rectifier and antenna of the silver nanofibers, located around the structure, according to Advances Sciencemag.

In the end, the team has created a lens that measures glucose levels in the blood of the bearer, and transmits this information via the led indicator. All components are arranged in such a way as not to interfere with normal human visibility. Tests of the device showed that it is safe and is not heated above the permitted temperature even during charging.

Ученые создали электронные контактные линзы с беспроводной зарядкой

Ученые создали электронные контактные линзы с беспроводной зарядкой

Linsey proved to be safe and functional

What affect development

Scientists have suggested that their work can influence the development of technologies for the creation of smart lenses. In their opinion, the first such devices will be useful for medical purposes – for example, to monitor patients with diabetes. Is it possible to apply a similar structure in other fields, including entertainment, inventors have not yet been reported.

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