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Вчені розвінчали міф про користь йогуртів - 24 Канал

Probably we’ve all heard about lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria in yoghurt. They have a huge benefit to the digestive system of our body. But is there any beneficial bacteria in store-bought yogurt?

Scientists, consumer organizations and the European Union declare – industrial yogurts don’t benefit the organism. In the experiment, they tested about 180 ingredients of the yogurt. Ten of the most popular supplements scientists announced harmful. On the basis of the conducted studies, many companies have banned to position their dairy desserts as a preventive, and especially, how therapeutic.

Manufacturers of yogurt ensure that the number of “live” bacteria in the product is about 10 million per gram. However, the results of an independent examination, in desserts popular brands of beneficial microorganisms was on the order of lesse than stated on the package, or they were just absent.


Israeli scientists from the Weizmann Institute conducted tests to understand how the yogurt affects the body. It turned out that the beneficial bacteria from this dessert almost do not survive in the gut. Although some use of such a product is, but it is much less than is commonly believed.

Recently, the edition of BMJ Open has published the results of research scientists from the universities of Surrey and Leeds. For the experiment, they took 921 yogurt from the stores of British and analysed their composition. 90% of the desserts sugar level is much higher than the accepted norms in the EU. In Ukraine, conducted the independent examination has shown that one serving of store-bought yogurt contains three teaspoons of sugar, while the manufacturer specifies 10 grams of sugar per 100 g of the finished product, it’s 40% more than the specified numbers. In accordance with the requirements of technical regulations of the disagreements allowed, but no more than 15%.

Вчені розвінчали міф про користь йогуртів - 24 Канал
In magazini yogurt contains large amounts of sugar

Therefore, dietitians do not advise to use this product to people who are watching their health and figure, especially those who suffer from diabetes.

Have you ever wondered why yogurty products can be stored for more than a month without a refrigerator? They can be called more food than beneficial to the organism fermented milk product. Please note that the shelf life of yogurt that contains beneficial bacteria should not exceed 3 days.

To protect yourself from a defective product, pay attention to the yogurtlisted on the packaging and the expiration date. But those who still care about not only practicality and convenience of the used product, but its quality is probably already made their choice in favor of homemade yogurt. It is only with the help of starter and milk can make a real and really useful yogurt.

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