Scientists have described a way to speed up metabolism – 24 Channel

Вчені назвали спосіб прискорити метаболізм - 24 Канал

Metabolism is the factor that determines the health of the person and plays an important role in the struggle for harmony.

American scientists from the medical center of the University of Texas called the way that will help to speed up your metabolism, writes MedicalExpress.

The researchers observed the mice that three times as “running” in the wheel in 20 minutes. It turned out that physical activity led to a decrease in appetite that lasted up to 6 hours.


As the scientists explain, exercise delays the AGRP neurons that inhibit the metabolism and accelerate POMC-neurons responsible for appetite reduction and burning energy.

Scientists have discovered that the effect of one exercise may last up to 2 days. And you can continue doing sport more often.

The conclusion of experts: even a single exercise at moderate intensity speeds up the metabolism.

Вчені назвали спосіб прискорити метаболізм - 24 Канал
A single moderate-intensity exercise speeds up metabolism

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