Scientists have determined the exact age of beginning of rapid aging

Ученые установили точный возраст начало быстрого старения организма

Researchers from the University of Miami said that the key genetic program that promotes longevity, stops in middle age. As reported scientists have found that all anti-aging system of the body stop working in 50-60 years.

Experts have conducted studies and examined the activity of tissues that resist aging genes. The experiment involved people of different ages, who provided their own tissue samples. In all cases anti-aging system of the body terminated not later than in 60 years. The problem, as the study says, lies in a protein called mammalian target rampinini – he is responsible for many key cellular processes, including growth and cell division. However, scientists said that the aging process in all people occurs in different ways.

Some of them have an aging program is very fast. This largely depends on genetic predisposition and many other factors: diet, place of residence, lifestyle. In any case, the aging process cannot be stopped after age 60.