Scientists have developed a “smart bra” to detect breast cancer at an early stage

Ученые разработали «умный бюстгальтер» для выявления рака груди на ранней стадии

Students of the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne has teamed up with startup IcosaMed to develop a SmartBra – the first model of “smart clothes” that can be used for cancer prevention.

“Our technology “smart garments” designed to detect cancer in its earliest stages. It uses non-invasive, painless method based on frequent ultrasound monitoring,” says Hugo Wuye, one of the members of the team.

Unlike the existing technology of cancer detection by means of mamografia, IcosaMed focused ultrasound. Waves are generated using piezoelectric sensors.

“This garment can be an alternative to traditional methods, we hope that our system will not only diagnostic, but also preventive,” says the founder and CEO of IcosaMed Max Boisset.

To release a “smart bra” is planned in 2021.