Scientists have developed an antibacterial coating for smartphones: details

Displays of modern smartphones often supplemented with protective coating that prevents scratches. However, this coating does not prevent the problem of pollution of the display and the appearance of various bacteria.

What is known about the development

New development scientists must not only protect the gadgets from germs, but also to provide displays additional useful properties, according to 4PDA.

The University of information technologies, mechanics and optics in St. Petersburg has created a transparent coating with self-cleaning function, which can protect the screens of smartphones from microorganisms.

Coatings developed by us on the basis of zinc oxide and tin oxide. We showed how to optimize the chemical composition of the material to the film of him was transparent and had a very high antibacterial properties, and thus tightly held on the surface of the glass
– told reporters one of the authors of the project Sergey Evstropov.

The new material promises to be relatively inexpensive, and the technology of applying it to glass, according to developers, is not technically difficult.

How it works

Under the influence of the light cover releases oxygen which decomposes organic matter – bacteria and grease fingerprints. The layer thickness of 200-300 nanometers, can also serve as additional mechanical protection of the screen.


Use in medicine

No less important is called the researchers the possibility of using their developments in medicine. According to Professor Nicholas Nikonorova, already begun joint development with the State optical Institute on the improvement of fiber endoscopes, which are introduced into the patients body to assess the state of internal organs.

With the use of a new substance doctors will be able to deliver active oxygen to the cancer cells to destroy them.

Other applications of the technology

There are other applications of the material – for example, in paint to create antibacterial wall coverings.

The date appearing on the market

Date of the alleged occurrence of the first smartphones with antibacterial coating of the display, developers are not reported.

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