Scientists have discovered a disturbing fact about the asteroid Bennu

Ученые обнаружили тревожный факт об астероиде Бенну

The rotation period of the asteroid Bennu, which is now studying station NASA OSIRIS-REx, regularly shrinking. The rotation is accelerating every 100 years.

As writes the edition, N+1, this gradual reduction can lead to the fact that the asteroid will be destroyed. However, this can happen in a few million years.

Scientists have analyzed Benn during 1999 and 2005. After examining the data, they found that the rotation period of the asteroid is reduced by about one second every 100 years.

After a few million years it can lead to the fact that the velocity of a celestial body will increase so much that will begin the process of its destruction. Now Bennu rotates around its axis in 4.3 hours.

Why is the speed changing? There are several theories. One of them is the change in moment of inertia due to a collision with another object. But the most plausible hypothesis scientists believe the mechanism of acceleration to observed in other near-earth asteroids.

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