Scientists have discovered a mysterious “ship of the dead”: what secret hides the artifact

Ученые обнаружили загадочный «корабль мертвых»: какой секрет скрывает артефакт

Archaeologists made a startling discovery in Norway: they have found underground real Viking ship

The ship managed to detect using GPR on a plain reserve, Borre. This reserve is located 28 barrows, Dating from 600-900 ad, making it the largest site of the Royal burial sites in Northern Europe.

About the new discovery has been told by the Minister of climate and environment of Norway, the Ula, Alveston. He believes that the date of discovery of the vehicle can rightly be called a “historic day”.

“This is a new discovery that will attract attention all over the world. In the past fifteen ships of the Viking age have been found in Europe. In Norway, it was made seven discoveries, of which three are located in Vestfold,” – said the Minister.

Radar showed that the earth is a ship, around which is formed an empty space. According to experts, the ship could “bury” in the ground specially and then it can be considered a “ship of the dead.”

According to archaeologists, to determine the exact size of the ship is difficult, but according to rough calculations, it reaches a length of over 15 m. Also, while it is not clear whether we are talking about combat Viking ship – a ship – or on a merchant ship – Knorre.

Ученые обнаружили загадочный «корабль мертвых»: какой секрет скрывает артефакт