Scientists have discovered a previously unknown disease

Ученые открыли неизвестную ранее болезнь

Researchers from the three countries of Spain, Australia and Sweden have discovered a new disease that causes mutation of the myoglobin gene.

Which in turn is responsible for the structure of the muscle proteins. At risk – middle-aged people.

The material on this is published in the journal Nature Communications. The disease was recorded via a biopsy of muscle.

Mutation found several people from six European families are not in a relationship. We all had the same symptoms and the presence of characteristic lesions – the so-called sarcoplasmic bodies.

The disease, which was given the name “myoglobinuria”, appears in people aged 30 to 50 years. The disease provokes a progressive muscle weakness of the trunk, neck, arms and legs. And may eventually lead to death.

If the disease is run, atrophy of the respiratory muscles and heart. Now researchers are focused on finding cure for diseases.

In a world of many exotic diseases and disorders. For example, pietism is a disorder in which a person consumes the items which do not carry any nutritional value for the body. People with pietismus consume non-edible items that can cause damage and ruptures internal organs.