Scientists have discovered an unexpected benefit sex

Ученые обнаружили неожиданную пользу интима

Indulge in amorous pleasures, you need even for older people

The staff of Coventry University in the UK conducted a study and noticed an unexpected benefit from frequent sex. Activity of of sexual life has a great influence on human health.

British scientists invited to participate in the project 73 volunteers: 45 women and 28 men. The age of participants ranged from 50 to 83 years. Elderly Britons told researchers the details of her sex life. In particular, how many times they had sex during the month.

As it turned out, 37 of the participants had at least one sex act a week. Once a month, intimacy was at 26. Another 10 were deprived of these pleasures with their partners.

In addition, scientists were conducting a survey, observing the brain activity of volunteers. In addition, they offered the participants to solve mathematical equations. Thus they assessed cognitive abilities. In the end, the old people often engaged in sex, solved examples by 2% faster than those who have sex once a month. And 4% faster participants, who are generally deprived of sex.

According to scientists this process involves the hormones dopamine and oxytocin. They actively are released into the body during sex and positively affect the brain of older people. These substances increases efficiency of the brain. In addition, called hormones reduce the risks of developing dementia and senile dementia.

At the same time, sex involves great risk to life. As found by another research group from the USA, frequent sexual acts in old age can kill an overly active people.

The experts reviewed information from the social services of the United States, overseeing the quality of life of older Americans. In total in research took part more than 2.2 thousand elderly men and women, whose age was in the range from 57 to 85 years.

It appeared, also, that sex with varying partners. So sexual acts is deadly for men, increasing the likelihood of a heart attack. And for the women. As noted by scientists, sex reduces the risk of developing hypertension. Men are advised to avoid sex more than twice a week.

Ученые обнаружили неожиданную пользу интима

Ученые обнаружили неожиданную пользу интима