Scientists have discovered new details about a black hole in our galaxy

Ученые выяснили новые детали о черной дыре в нашей галактике

Astronomers from the University of California-Los Angeles found that the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A, which is located in the center of the milky Way, absorbs very much of substance.

Writes Naked science, scientists do not yet know why this is happening.

The researchers conducted a series of observations of the Shooter and noticed a bright light. First, they decided that it is the star S0-2, located close to the object. But later realized that the light was coming from the black hole. The scientists continued observing the object and collected 133 nights of observations.

Comparing brightness, measured with the previously obtained, the researchers came to the conclusion that the brightness of Arrow A in the infrared range has increased significantly. Therefore, the black hole at the center of the milky Way absorbs more and more of the substance.

What is the evidence. According to one hypothesis, when S0-2 closer to the black hole, she gave the center of the galaxy a large amount of gas. Using the distance between the gas has reached the black hole this year alone.

Another hypothesis is that the increase in brightness was due to the destruction of large asteroids that were drawn into the black hole.

What is a black hole?
This is the object that generates such a powerful gravity that no fast particles can not leave its surface. These objects absorb even light.

About black holes known to very few, because it difficult for social scientists to observe them. Breakthrough in the study of these objects was held on 10 April this year, when scientists for the first time in history were able to photograph a black hole.

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