Scientists have discovered that dogs hate cats

Ученые выяснили, за что собаки так ненавидят кошек

When the dog runs to the cat, she does it out of pure curiosity and desire to understand what it is. The cat could simply run away, causing the dog to harassment, or to hold a blow with his paw on the dog’s face. Because cats are less social of animals than dogs.

Zoologists, studying the question of enmity between these two species have come to believe that cats have no fear – they have no desire to communicate. They value their personal space and good exist in isolation. When hissing or a cat escape from the dog, turned on instinct.

The problem is in the expression of emotions. Wagging tail, that dog means the manifestation of joy for cat – a manifestation of aggression or anxiety. The posture of submission in the dog, when she bends down and presses his ears for cats acts as a signal to attack, because they use this gesture.

Dogs are more social, curious and energetic animals than cats – quiet and independent.