Scientists have discovered the smell of bachelors

Ученые выяснили, чем пахнут холостяки

Australian researchers of Macquarie University decided to test, does it depend on the marital status of the men and their smell. And to learn that they decided in practice, forced a few dozen men sweating (like after exercising), and instead the jury called the girls who were told to smell armpits married and unmarried.

Female, definitely heterosexual, should have been found there (a few dozen armpit) differences in smell and, as it turned out, they really are. Married men smelled much less their natural smell was not so sharp as single men.

“Women need to evaluate the strength of body odour on a scale from one to six. Single men received an average score of 3.5. But men who have a life partner smelled noticeably less pronounced,” – said the authors of the study, the staff of the University.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the concentration of odor depends on the amount of testosterone in the male body, and the peculiar smell free “males” helps them to find a “female” for mating and creation of offspring.

For some reason they have not considered the theory that married smell less because their wives are forced to shower more often.