Scientists have discovered what people say in their sleep

Ученые выяснили, о чем люди говорят во сне

French sleep (scientists who study sleep) have studied what people say in their sleep.

It turned out that sleepy murmur negative common speech: it is four times more likely to use the word “no” and 800 times more often swear words.

To find out, the researchers invited 230 volunteers in a sleep lab and recorded about 900 fragments of phrases. Then the fragments were compared with samples of normal speech.

The majority of participants had sleep disturbance. 59% said at night unable to parse – it was mumbling, whispering or laughter. That succumbed to the transcript – 24% were negative statements, 22% contained language, in 10% of cases met the word “no”.

According to Dr. Carl baze of Columbia University, talk in your sleep have a more complicated structure than previously thought. The expert stressed that statements are grammatically correct, and is evidence of the active work of the brain in all stages of sleep.

The study’s findings are consonant with the theory of “simulated threat”, according to which a person is faced with trouble sleeping to waking is easier to overcome them, that is a nightmare – this workout.