Scientists have found a link between autism and air pollution

Ученые нашли связь между аутизмом и загрязнением воздуха

Several groups of scientists from different countries came to the same conclusions. They found a link between risk of autism and air pollution. The more particulates in the air, the higher the likelihood that the child will be autism spectrum disorder.

Scientists from Canada, since 2009, for five years, watched more than 100 thousand women during pregnancy. This has involved regular analysis of the air in the place of their stay. In the end it turned out that in places where the higher the concentration of exhaust gases, the cases of autism in children is much higher. The results of their scientific research experts published in the publication JAMA Pediatrics.

Danish scientists came to the same conclusion. They were monitoring more than 15 thousand infants who were born in the country in the period from 1989 to 2013. Experts have identified a clear relationship between the presence of babies in the first months of life in areas with varying degrees of air contamination. The article printed in Environmental Epidemiology.

Another international group of researchers watched the children who live in Shanghai for nine years. The results were disappointing. Scientists have found that air pollution increases by 78% the risk of developing autism.

Meanwhile, the who released data showing that 93% of children worldwide, aged less than 15 years, are exposed to airborne solid particles.