Scientists have found a method of treating cardiac ischemia

Ученые нашли способ лечения ишемии сердца

A new treatment of coronary heart disease found doctors of Russia and China. When this new way will not need to take any pills.

As reported in the journal InternationalJournalofMolecularSciences, for the treatment of this disease experts have proposed a patch based on the stem cells.

According to medical scientists, when using this patch restores the muscles and all body tissues after sudden cessation of blood flow.

The first trials of a new drug have been conducted. The subjects began the mouse.

The plans of scientists to continue its development and further promote this cell technology. In their plans to complete preclinical animal studies and later to test the drug on people suffering from severe ischemia of the lower extremities.

As previously reported by the world health organization (who), worldwide many people suffer with coronary heart disease. Most people suffering from this disease die at a relatively young age.